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PETKIT Bluetooth Activity Monitoring Dog Leash - White

Introducing The PETKIT GO Bluetooth enabled smart leash. Simply install the PETKIT GO Application on all IOS and Android devices and pair with your smart phone. Once paired, the handle vibrates when receiving Notifications, Emails, Texts and incoming...

138 USD 173 USD

PETKIT Fresh Smart Digital Feeding Pet Bowl - Red / White

The PETKIT FRESH Smart Anti-Bacterial Bowl features a built-in Digital Scale which tracks the weight of food in both Lbs (Pounds) and Kg (Kilograms). Prior to pouring your pet's food simply install or download the PETKIT Application and select the FRESH...

69 USD 86 USD

PETKIT Travel 2 Pack Replacement Filters - Black

The 2 pack PETKIT Eversweet Travel Carbon Replacement Filtration units are only to be used with the EVERSWEET Travel device. The filtration units are composed of natural coconut shells and sold as a 2 Pack. The filtration unit helps filter out Heavy Metals...

23 USD 29 USD

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