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Lundby™ Smaland Bedroom Set with Brass Bed

Decorate your doll domicile in sweet style! Doll parents will rest like royalty in their master bedroom decorated with the Lundby™ Smaland Bedroom Set with Brass Bed. With a splash of style and a flash of flair, this set includes a bed with cotton bedding...

36 USD 45 USD

Lundby Smaland Classic Doll Family

Family portrait! The Lundby Smaland Classic Doll Family sport modern clothing and big smiles. Includes father, mother, son, & daughter in their nicest sweaters and dresses. These four dolls have heads that turn and jointed legs for lots of poses and pretend...

28 USD 35 USD

Lundby™ Smaland Winter Garden

The Smaland family loves the outdoors! The Lundby Smaland Winter Garden extends the living space of the Lundby™ Smaland Doll House (sold separately), and makes a perfect base. It comes with fencing and a gate that opens, a patio area, white surface...

40 USD 50 USD

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