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In This Together Mixed Metal Car Charm

When times are tough, it's important to keep working together for the greater good. Engraved on this brass charm is the reminder that we're "in this together" -- topped with a face mask in silver, and cascading mixed metal hearts

20 USD 25 USD

My Angel Has Paws Visor Clip

Clipped to your car visor is this small but powerful way to honor the furry friend that has left your side, but is always looking over you. On a shining silver tone clip is the phrase "My angel has paws" topped with a halo, angel wings, and an array of...

13 USD 16 USD

Pink Ribbon One Day at a Time Car Charm

Your furry friend brought you tremendous joy, and their presence in your life will never be forgotten. As you go about your day, driving to work, running errands, you glance at this brushed silver car charm which features a purple heart at the center...

15 USD 19 USD

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